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Greg Keats Custom Goose Calls
In 1997, Greg Keats entered and won the International Callmakers Contest & Exhibit. The International Callmakers Contest is not your average goose calling contest. In this contest, one professional caller blows all the calls entered in the contest and rates them based on sound and appearance. Greg's goose calls proved to be very rich in tone and capable of a wide range of true Canada Goose sounds. From the very loud hail call to the low-end moans and whines, Greg Keats calls do it all. All of Greg's calls are handmade and produced with musical instrument like quality. Each call is hand tuned one at a time by Greg Keats himself.

Since winning the 1997 International Callmakers Contest Greg Keats has introduced a new call to his product line - the Shaman. The Shaman is of musical instrument quality that sets the standard for high performance short reed Canada Goose calls. This handcrafted goose call features the new style Flyway ´X´ guts, a one piece stopper and is put together with double o-ring seals. The Flyway "X" guts are designed with a new toneboard that doesn’t require reed shaving and is fully adjustable in its tonal range! The Shaman is one call what is capable of making a complete range of notes and has an amazingly realistic sound both on the stage and in the marsh.

Real Geese
When it comes to hunting migratory geese there is no substitute for a large spread to pull birds from a distance. Goose Hunters from across the country know the value of silhouettes when it comes to building a large flock that will draw the attention of migratory birds.

Currently, Real Geese manufactures 3 different styles of Canada decoys: 3-D Magnum Lite Decoys, ProSeries 3-D Magnums Lite Decoys and ProSeries Sit’n Geese Decoys.

3-D Magnum Lite Decoys
3-D Magnum Lite Decoys are the original silhouette offered by Real Geese and have been used by guides throughout North America to pull tens of thousands of geese into gun range. The 3-D Magnum Lite Decoy are larger than life, measuring a full 35” in length and come in 12 different positions. The artwork is over exaggerated to maximize visible at great distances. The 3-D Magnum Lite Decoys are constructed of a non-reflective acrylic material which is almost indestructible. A solid oak stake holds the goose decoys firmly in place and is painted to look like a goose leg.

ProSeries 3-D Magnums Lite Decoys
The ProSeries are a hardcore waterfowler’s dream! These goose decoys are made of the same indestructible material as the 3-D Magnum Lite but have a special non-glare coating on one side and come in 12 different positions. For those that use silhouettes on a regular basis, sun and glare can be your worst enemy. This special patented textured coating is 100% non-reflective and it actually absorbs light. Ironically, the more light on these decoys the better the decoy appears.

ProSeries Real Sit’n Geese
Lastly, the ProSeries Real Sit’n Geese offer 6 different resting positions. Mix these silhouettes in with your standing geese for a total of 18 different poses. Like all ProSeries Decoys from Real Geese, the Sit’n Geese are constructed of a patented special non-glare coating on one side.

Big Flock
Big Flock Decoys are new this year and already have been the talk of many discussion groups on the internet. These economical goose decoys are definitely worth a good look as they offer a 100% warranty and a 100% refund if you are unhappy with the decoys in any way.

Big Flock builds each decoy out of high quality ABS plastic, making them lightweight and tough enough to take daily demands of hunting. The realistic life-like image is created with a special UK ink which is non-reflective and offers feather detail with solid contrasting colors. Currently, these decoys come in standard and magnum sizes ranging from 27” to 32” in length, and 6 different poses. All silhouettes are staked with a solid round fiberglass rod which allows these decoys to move with the slightest breeze.

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