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Gearing Up for the 2004 Waterfowl Season

by John Dean, Jr.

The early teal and goose season are over, the days are beginning to shorten and the nights are becoming cool. waterfowl hunters all over America are awaiting Opening Day and have been longing to lay their hands on the newest gear of 2004. So dust off your old favorites and catch a glimpse of the newest gear to hit the field in this year.

Columbia Sportswear Company has done it again! For the second straight year Columbia has developed a new pattern for their outerwear waterfowl hutning line. The Delta Hunter X pattern is a computer generated three dimensional camouflage pattern that mixes marsh vegetation, cattails and a base layer of earthy colors. Delta Hunter X pattern has a perfectly blended pattern that will find applications across the nation in a wide range of hunting conditions.

The Columbia Omni-Tech Bib
Columbia Omni-Tech Waterproof Bib is a must for those cold, wet days in the field. Built with 200 grams of Micro-Temp insulation, the Omni Bib has all the comfort and warmth of down without the bulk. The Micro-Temp insulation is made of intertwined threads that are designed to trap and hold body heat and still remain breathable, even in extreme temperatures. High wear areas, like the seat and knees, have been reinforced for long lasting durability. The Omni Bib offers full leg zippers that makes putting these bibs on and off over boots easy. The bibs offer an adjustable suspender and knitted inserts under each arm to make for a truly comfortable fit.

The Omni-Tech Bib is available in tall and regular sizes up to 3XL.

Columbia Omni-Pant
Columbia Omni-Pant is the perfect choice for those warmer days when you’re looking for a lightweight, breathable, and waterproof outer-garment. The Omni-Pant is designed to fit like a pair of jeans and has both belt loops and suspender buttons. The elastic waist band and leg zipper makes taking these pants on and off easy. The Omni-Pant is available in tall and regular sizes up to 3XL.

Psolar Mossy Oak Balaclava
Ever take a breath of cold air that makes you shiver? The Psolar has designed a balaclava that allows you to breath in warm air even in the coldest temperatures. The air exchange technology called Qxtec is a module that sits in front on the balaclava and allows the wearer to breath and talk normally. The module is constructed of a highly efficient thermal material that traps your body heat with every exhale and then uses your own body heat to warm inhaled air. The unit is so efficient that on a zero degree day, your inhaled breath can be warmed up to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. By breathing warm air your core body temperature stays warmer and in case studies this keeps your whole body (including your feet and hands) warmer in the field.

Each balaclava is made from Windpro Stretch Polar Tech fabric which is wind-proof and form fitting for comfort. Most exchange systems on the market today impair your ability to speak or use calls. Psolar has conquered these obstacles with a superior design that allows for normal speech as well as the ability to pull down the mask so calling is unimpaired.

Hunter Specialties
H.S Waterfowl Loudmouth Duck Call
The H.S Waterfowl Loudmouth duck call is a specialty call designed for volume. This single reed hand tuned call is simply the loudest call on the market today and a perfect choice for high-wind days or for open water calling. But don’t let the name fool you, this call can do it all from sweet-talking close working birds, to producing crystal clear ringing hail calls at unmatched volumes. Each call is available in numerous colors and finished off with a solid metal band.

H.S Waterfowl Diamond Wood Series Duck Calls
The Diamond Wood Series duck call from H.S. Waterfowl offers hunters many of the features of their custom call line but at an affordable price. Each call has a hand tuned barrel made from tough laminate wood that won’t swell in wet conditions. The insert is made from durable crystal clear polycarbonate. The barrel has been redesigned making it an extremely versatile duck call capable of producing all the sounds of a hen mallard.

H.S Waterfowl Bad Medicine Goose Call
To compliment this year’s fine array of duck calls, H.S. Waterfowl introduced the “Bad Medicine” goose call. This short reed call is designed from black acrylic with a solid silver metal band. This call features a straight reed design with a small barrel and insert making it easy to operate. Out of the box, this goose call is lightly tuned and requires very little forward pressure to snap the call over. The H.S. Bad Medicine goose call offers a higher pitch sound than most goose calls on the market today, making it a welcome addition to any hunter’s lanyard.

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