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Hunter Specialties / HS Waterfowl
The Custom Series “Ringer” polished acrylic call is designed for close working ducks over timber or a tidal marsh. This call is extremely easy run and gives true tones to pull those ducks into your rig. If you are looking for a competition call or open/big water call you might want to look at the Custom Series Loudmouth call.

Carlson Championship Calls
If you are serious about become a better duck caller you need to invest in the Carlson Championship Calls suite of products. No other instructional program has produced so many state and regional duck calling champions. Carlson’s instructional system has produced over 220 men’s division world sanctioned state and regional duck calling championships, as well as, the only call to hold both 1st and 2nd place in both the World and Canadian National Duck Calling Contest. So whether you want to improve your calling for personal gain or to put more birds in your bag Carlson Championship Call numbers speak for themselves.

Currently Carlson has two main tools to teach you proper duck calling operation:

The Carlson Pro Duck Calling Video walks through the traditional Duck Calling mimicking but if you continue to watch this 90-minute long video you will me amazed at how technical calling can be. According to Jim James, the 1996 World Duck Calling Champion and CEO of Carlson Championship calls it takes some up to 2 years to learn the system. If you are set in your calling ways this is going to be a hard process to relearn and kick some bad habits.

If you are more of a computer CD-ROM and audio person, Carlson Championship Calls has come out with a new product to help you improve your calling techniques. Duck Calling A to Z is a 2 CD set that is FULL of over 30 years worth of championship calling and over 100 minutes of instruction. Whether you are sitting at your computer or practicing in your car, this CD ROM has all the information you need in a very portable format.

Duck Calling A to Z has been broken down by tracks so it is easy to skip or review certain lessons, and trust me you will practice with a purpose once you start your training program. The path is not easy but soon you will be on your way to improving your calling and pulling in more ducks.

Second, the CD contains the Carlson Computer program which is full of 9 lessons of information. This program is an interactive training tool to help you visualized proper gating, back and forward pressure, the “9 Mandatories of Effective Duck Calling” and much, much more. If you are on the go and need a method of training that needs to go with you, this CD is the way to go.

Quality calls do not only come in acrylic as proven by the Carlson VoloChoke. The VoloChoke is the ONLY mass-produced injected molded call to win the World Duck Calling Contest. The beauty of the VoloChoke is much like the screw in chokes that we use to customize our shot pattern when hunting. The VoloChoke system really works like 4 calls in 1. The insert is threaded to fit 4 different chokes, which will customize the volume and performance in the field. The Volochoke has everything from a tight working timber choke to an open water competition choke.

The Equalizer is Carlson’s entry-level call but do not let the $19.95 price tag fool you. This is no inexpensive bucket call! During a demonstration we could not tell the difference between the VoloChoke, handcrafted call or the Equalizer and I am sure the ducks won’t be able to either.

Pro Ears Predator 300
Hearing protection is one of the hottest topics in the outdoor industry. With such attention, manufacturers have been working quickly to provide solutions that are practical in the field. The forerunner in this field is Ridgeline with their Pro Ears Predator 300 Series of Electronic Hearing Protection. Electronic hearing protection is a must for the field as it allows the hunter the ability to hear the soundings and protect against the close quarter gunning from a boat or blind.

The Pro Ears Predator 300 model utilizes a technology called Dynamic Level Sound Compression or DLSC™. DLSC is unlike other units on the market today that utilize “Peak Clipping” technology and react to loud noises by shutting off the amplification system, leaving dead spots in your hearing. Instead, Pro Ears simply “compresses” harmful noises to a safe level (below 70 dB) and leaves you free to hear all the sounds at a comfortable level. The Pro Ears DLC™ technology works fast too, reducing harmful sounds in less than 5.5 milliseconds.

The Pro Ears Predator 300 comes in Natural Gear Camo utilizes Dynamic Sound Compression. Compression technology takes unsafe sounds, such as shotgun blasts, and compresses it down to a safe level of hearing. In turn, you always have the ability to hear what’s going on around you, whether it’s ducks, or your hunting partner whispering, “take em”.

The combination of amplifying hearing and protection makes this a must especially if you are putting your time in the field. Protect your hearing!

Winchester High Velocity Steel
When it comes to shot be extremely selective in your choices. Yes, there are less expensive shot shells on the market but few that perform to Winchester High Velocity Steel standards. Winchester High Velocity Steel travel at 1450 fps which packs enough zip to knock ducks and geese down at extended yardages, as well as the patterning ability for close working decoying birds.

Many hunters frown on the use of steel and have opted to go with substitute shot or stop waterfowl hunting all together after many shooting disappointments. In comparison to non-toxic shot, Winchester Supreme High Velocity Steel was not only a huge savings but has the premium performance that we demand in the duck blind.

Currently Winchester is offering a rebate on their steel shot shells. If you are already a Winchester customer please take advantage of up to $30.00 in savings. Click Here for your rebate form and information.

For those of you that only hunt upland game, Winchester has not forgotten about you and the performance you demand. Winchester High Velocity Field Loads travel at a crushing 1400fps and come in a variety of shot size ranging from 4 – 7½.

If you are looking for the right combination of shells for hunting please click here to review all that Winchester has to offer.

Camo Outfitters Inc. Fast Grass
Everyone who duck hunts knows of Fast Grass and the ability it has to transform your boat into a marshland hummock or melt away into the natural backdrop. Fast Grass is the ultimate in natural camouflage to hide your boat or blind in just about any type of terrain you are going to hunt. The 4 x 4 palm leave sheets are woven together and then dried to make a tight weave of material which can be cut or tied together.

Before unboxing your Fast Grass plan out the pattern for the boat or blind. You can safely cut the sheets without fear of unraveling which make this product highly customizable. So whether you are hunting out of a TDB or johnboat you have a blind built to fit your application. When combining sheets together, plastic “zip” ties do the trick. Just make sure you grab a couple of inches on each side of the piece you are looking to combine.

Before you head out to the hunt make sure you give your new Fast Grass a chance to age. Once the blind is together it can be hung outside to weather naturally. In about a week you will see the grass darken and become a little more pliable. Each time you go out in the field, Fast Grass will continue to weather and become more and more natural in appearance.

Flyway Specialties Easy-Up Duck Blind
If you are looking for a quick up, versatile blind that will fit virtually any boat, look no further. The “Easy Up Duck Blind” from Flyway Specialties folds flat for easy trailoring and offers the quickest set-up we have found for a duck blind. The Flyway Specialties blind can be set up in the field in a whooping 10 seconds.

The Easy-Up Duck Blind is easy to install and comes with a step-by-step installation video. This blind comes with all the material needed to install a complete blind system on your duck boat. The 3-D leafy-cut camouflage material gives your duck blind a three dimensional look and can be cut to fit your specific boat. The Easy-Up Blind is available in two sizes; standard size for boats 12 to 15 feet and large size for boat 16 to 18 feet in length.

Currently, the Easy Up Duck Blind comes in all the popular camo patterns: New Advantage Max4, Mossy Oak Shadow Grass and Natural Gear to name a few.
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