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Final Approach Hide-a-Pooch Blind
Final Approach has designed the Hide-a-Pooch Blind to camouflage and hide your dog in the field. This blind is fully collapsible for storage/travel and opens to a low profile blind measuring 30” W x 44”L x 18” H. It’s the perfect place to hide a pooch in the field especially if you have weary birds that bounce out of your rig with the slightest movement. The blind comes with the same rust free aluminum frame, waterproof exterior and the interior floor has built-in grommets for draining.

Final Approach Floating All Season Floating Gear Bag
In addition to the blinds, Final Approach has designed some truly functional accessories to make the hunt more productive and convenient. The Floating All Season Floating Gear Bag is one of the finest bags you can take into the field. There is enough room for shells, calls, extra gloves, hats and your most important lunch plus a thermos. The internal dividing panels allow you to customize the storage bag as well as utilize the many special purpose pockets. The outside measurements of this bag are 10” H x 15” W x 12” D which give you a whooping 2050 cubic inches of storage. There are pockets for extra choke tube and a wrench, cell phone pockets as well as an ergonomically designed shoulder strap that makes even the heaviest loads bearable at the end of the day. One of the best features of this bag that all waterfowlers can appreciate that it will still float even with 6 boxes of 3” magnum waterfowl loads in the bag.

Final Approach Tri-Tips
Anyone that hunts Snows, Speckles or Canada Geese knows a big part of the game is the number of decoys you can set out in your rig. Geese like the confidence of numbers and one way to quickly set your silhouettes is via the Final Approach Tri-Tips. A spread can quickly be set up in half the time; you simply attach the decoy body, fan out the 3 arms and place it on the ground. No more drilling in frozen dirt or rock to get your decoys ready for the morning hunt. Setting up a decoy goes from 3 steps to 1 which means you can lay out more decoys quicker or have a little extra time for that early morning cup of coffee before shooting hours.

Tri-Tips are made on a painted steel frame with an easy lift handle, which allows the hunter to pick up or relocate decoys quickly to rearrange the spread. Each Tri-Tip holds 3 geese decoys and 3 Tri-Tips come in one package. This is one of the fastest ways to lay out birds in the field environment.

Pick up a couple Tri-Tips for your next field hunt and you will be amazed how much time you save setting up your rig.

Renzo Silhouette Goose Decoys
Although Renzo Decoys are known for their life-like, large game decoys, they have thrown their hat into the waterfowl arena. This year Renzo has added Canada and Snow Goose Silhouette Decoys to their product line.

The key to Renzo’s success is their lightweight design, photo realistic images and their compact size. You can easily stack several dozen in with your current gear and hardly notice a difference. The decoy is made from corrugated plastic, which is lightweight and can be folded for storage when not in use. Renzo Silhouette Goose Decoys currently sell in packs of six and comes with standing stakes. Each package contains silhouettes in three life-like positions; sentry, feeder and standing goose.

Silhouettes have long been used as a cost effective means for increasing the size and draw of your decoy rig. With the introduction of Renzo’s Canada and Snow Goose Silhouettes, you can quickly and affordably add several dozen silhouettes to your existing shells, rags and full bodies and give your rig a more life-like appearance.

For the dog trainers out there, the Renzo Decoys are perfect for setting up quick hunt test concepts. The ease of use and packability make this fit right in with the other training gear. Get your dog used to working in a decoy spread before the season. It will make the hunt more enjoyable for the both of you.

Dynamic Decoys
Hunters around the country know the power of motion in a decoy spread. Even the most skittish birds feel more comfortable with a life-like decoy spread with movement. Dynamic Decoys redefines movement for the goose hunter. Dynamic Decoys transform your full body decoys into moving geese. Dynamic Decoys operates by rotating a platform back and forth giving the appearance of a goose feeding or walking in the middle of your spread.

The platform works with many of the top brand full body decoy manufacturers and only takes a few seconds to install. Once in the field, it is important not to submerge the unit. Even though they are designed as waterfowling equipment, it is best if you take the precaution of keeping them dry and protected from the elements.

Each Dynamic Decoy will run an average of six hours on a full charge. All of the units come with rechargeable battery and charger, as well as a camouflage bag to conceal the battery from oncoming birds.

Flambeau has been part of waterfowling for as long as we can remember. Their products have filled many SUV’s, trucks and boats with everything from decoys to carry boxes to hard gun cases. This year, Flambeau has launched a new accessory line to include a Wader Bag and Floating Gun Case.

The Flambeau Floating Gun Case
The Flambeau Floating Gun case is one of the only bags that contain Zerust 5-year corrosion protection. Zerust is an anti-corrosion/rust compound that has been added to this floating gun case. This is an odorless, non-toxic; non-reactive chemical formula that coats and protects your firearm by just placing it in the case. Of course, this does not mean you should give up on cleaning your firearm but rather Zerust will help protect your firearm during storage.

The Flambeau Floating Gun Case will accommodate most firearms for the field. The over-sized opening makes removing/sheathing your gun a snap. The Flambeau Floating Gun Case has oversized storage pocket on the outside of the case that is a great place to keep a mini gun cleaning kit or extra choke tubes.

Flambeau’s Wader Bag
Flambeau’s Wader Bag is designed to keeping your waders and/or hip boots properly stowed while traveling to and from the field. The Flambeau Wader bag even offers you a convenient pull out changing mat giving you a dry place to change into and out of your waders. Once the hunt is done, step onto the bag to remove your waders, the changing mat quickly becomes a bag by simple pulling the drawstring. No mess…no worries… now you can keep your muddy waders in the cab with you instead of in the back of the truck.

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