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I think many hunters overlook the use of hearing and eye protection in the field. I cannot stress the importance of both. I know I have had many evenings after waterfowl hunting where I have gone home with my ears ringing. Yes, it was a great day in the field but at the cost was the sound of bells in my head for several days after the hunt. I know many people do not like to use hearing protection while out in the field since they cannot hear the approach of game. There are alternatives to traditional passive hearing protection. Electronic hearing protection not only protects your hearing but it also can amplify sounds so you can hear the birds coming from farther away then ever before. This almost seems like cheating, but it beats the ringing at the end of the day and the loss of long term hearing.

Randolph Engineering Ranger XL
Eyewear should also be considered when in the field. Reeds, sticks, and gun blowback can all be stopped from blowing into your eyes by wearing a good pair of shooting glasses. There have been days in the field where I am very grateful for my pair of Randolph Engineer Ranger Shooting Glasses. The other benefits of a good pair of shooting glasses are their interchangeable lenses to reduce glare and their ability to enhance lighting on overcast days.

Field Guide to Dog First Aid
The Dog
Many dog owners seem to purchase field guide to first aid kits only after their dog is injured in the field and not when they are immediately needed. Don’t make the same mistake; your dog’s health may be at stake. A good first aid book and first aid kit is a must for those of you hunting geese with a dog. The Field Guide to Dog First Aid ™ & The Orvis Guide to First Aid for Sporting Dogs are two great sources of information and they are both pocket size to fit just about anywhere.

Anyone who hunts with a dog should also keep a tube of EMT Gel™ in his or her field pack. EMT Gel is a collagen-based gel that aids in healing, deters bleeding and acts like a scar for protection of the wound. It is great for repairing ripped pads, torn ears, abrasions as the collagen-based gel promotes rapid healing and protects against bacterial infection.

So be safe and get out there and have some fun. Take this time to get to know your new gear and perfect your game.

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