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Hunter Specialties Custom Goose Call
Dust off your old favorite call and give it a HONK! Depending on how it sounds you may want to think about a new call. Hunter Specialties, H.S. Waterfowl Custom Goose Call is new to the market this year. This competition grade short reed goose call is made of acrylic and can produce the sweet sounds to pull geese in close. If the custom call is not for you, or you are looking to try a short reed call for the first time, try the Hunter Specialties Slammer Series. The Slammer Short Reed Goose Call is priced extremely attractively and comes with a step-by-step instructional tape to walk through each of your calls. This step-by-step instructional tape makes a great way to learn to blow a short reed goose call or brush up before Opening Day. Practice, practice, practice!

Columbia Omni Quad Widgeon
If you are thinking of buying a new waterfowling jacket, now is the perfect time to get in style with your favorite pattern before the season ramps up and popular patterns are in limited supply. Columbia puts out a number of fine waterfowling jackets that range in just about everyone’s budget. We recently tested the Columbia Omni Quad Widgeon, and I would have to say it received high marks from our Pro Staff. This 100% breathable jacket is built for 2 things: nasty weather and waterfowling. Everything from the quick 12ga. / 20ga loader to the zip out lining makes this one of the most versatile parkas on the market today. The outer Omni-Tech shell is breathable and waterproof for those days when you need the protection from the elements. The camouflage zip out liner can be used alone on those cool fall mornings when the outer shell in not necessary. The Thermolite Plus® insulation will keep you warm and comfortable all season long. There is no way you can go wrong with the Columbia Omni Quad Widgeon or Parka!

Winchester Supreme High Velocity Steel Shot
Shells & More
Until field-testing the Winchester Supreme High Velocity Steel Shot I was not a big fan of steel shot and I know many avid waterfowlers who feel the same way. But all that changed when I discovered Winchester Supreme High Velocity Steel Shot. Finally, a manufacturer who offers steel shot that packs the punch of lead!

Opening Day of early season Canada Geese left us with a full bag and no cripples. All of the geese were harvested cleanly with the 3-inch BB load traveling at a screaming 1450 fps (feet per second @ 3 ft).

The Staff here at combined this great shot shell with Hunter Specialties Undertaker ® Choke Tubes to create a deadly combination. The Undertaker Chokes come in two choke constrictions, one for decoying birds (25-30 yards shots) and a tighter choke designed for pass shooting or on open water at 30-45+ yards.

Hunter Specialties Undertaker® Choke Tubes
Aftermarket chokes are a quick and inexpensive way to customize your shotgun for better performance. The Undertaker is specifically designed for non-toxic shot to eliminate pattern holes. One of the simple pleasures of the undertaker choke tube is the knurled end, which allows you to swap chokes without the use of a chock tube wrench (Just one less thing I have to dig through the dry box for when there are birds skirting the decoys).

If I could recommend one simple step before you get into the blind or boat for the season; make sure your shotgun is in good working order and pattern your shotgun. Take the extra time to know exactly how your gun shoots the load of your choice through the different chokes. Experiment until you find the right combination, which gives you a good pattern at the range, as you desire. Once you know the performance, you can adjust your swing and shooting style to knock down more birds.

Make the investment in Winchester Supreme shot shells and The Undertaker Choke Tubes, count your birds at the end of the year. I know you will be pleased with the results.

Fiber optic sights are another great way to customize your shotgun and improve your shooting experience. This inexpensive addition is simple to install and it will not mar your barrel or bluing. The magnetic sight simply snaps to the rib of the shotgun and stays firmly in place. Hi-Viz Sights System® has perfected and improved the traditional fiber optic technology with LitePipe™. Even in the lowest of light conditions, LitePipe lights up the end of the barrel allowing the shooter to acquire targets quicker, improves the shooter’s sight plane thus improving the swing. Try one and you will be amazed at how it improves your swing. Soon you will have Hi-Viz on all of your hunting and target guns. In the early dawn or the last flight of the day you will wish you had a Hi-Viz sight on your scatter gun!

Lastly, now that you have taken the steps to customize your gun, protect it when going to and from the field. If you are a fan of hard cases Flambeau has a new line that is sturdy and cost effective.
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