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Gearing Up For Goose Hunting

by John Dean, Jr.

Flambeau® Ducks Unlimited® Commemorative Magnum Convert-a-Goose Decoys
Even though the warm weather and the green grass of September makes hunting season seem months away, the colder nights and morning dew reminds us that early goose season is here and migratory season is fast approaching. As the days get shorter and the nights longer now is a perfect time to start thinking about gearing up for goose season.

Every year around this time, I find myself spending countless hours researching the latest offerings by manufacturers and creating wish list after wish list that would scare even old Saint Nick himself. This year is no different. By compiling and placing my orders early I am assured that I will have the products necessary to round out my rig for the season. Plus, the early goose season affords me the opportunity to make adjustments to my rig before numb fingers and large flights of Canada Geese come my way.

Flambeau® The Judge
Flambeau® Ducks Unlimited® Commemorative Magnum Convert-a-Goose Decoys are a goose hunter’s dream. Not only do these decoys look great, but also they are extremely versatile on both water and land. Their removable snap-in weighted keels gives you enough weight for a big water rig while offering you the flexibility to change over to field shells by simply removing the snap-in keel. In addition, you can create a customized spread by changing the decoy head from sentry to feeder. Flambeau has put some serious thought into the design of this premium decoy. To change from sentry to feeder requires nothing more than simply removing the neck and head from the body and simply snapping the head to the opposite end of the neck to change from one head position to another. In less than 10 seconds and without any extra pieces to lose you can change the look and feel of your entire goose rig.

One of the best features, I found out by accident, of course, was that the snap-in weighted keels float, something I really did not expect and made retrieving it a breeze!

New this year, Flambeau has introduced The Judge. Talk about an attention getter! Just mixing these full body geese with the traditional decoys and “cover-up”. When hunting on the water, I like to have the full body decoys set up behind the boat on land to draw those wary birds in for a closer look. This is one item that is a must to round out your rig and I am sure you will be pleased with the results.

Robo Duk - Honker Direct Drive Decoy
Motion Decoys
Now that our spread is almost 100% complete there is only one other piece missing from the rig -- motion. And who better to rely on than the manufacturer of the original - RoboDuk Decoys. Roboduk has improved their Honker Direct Drive Decoy by doubling the wingspan of its Honker and adding a new waterproof motion timer that cycles the decoy’s wing-beats. This timer gives your decoy a more realistic wing beat and the variable motion reduces the chance of birds becoming “decoy shy”. This on and off cycle also increases the battery life to approximately 10-12 hours. You will be surprised at how well a little bit of motion will help build confidence and pull those shy geese right into your rig.

Whether you are buying new decoys for the season or dusting off old favorites, make sure you check your decoy lines and weights. Without careful examination of last year’s rig you could end up chasing down runaway decoys instead of shooting birds. All of our decoys are set up with H.S. Waterfowl Quick-Rig Decoy Line and Quick Rig Cord Clamps. We have found this to be one of the most secure set-ups and only requires a second to set up. When you are rigging a few dozen decoys, time is of the essence.

Hunter Specialties Advantage Wetlands Camo® Nylon Mesh Bag measures (36” x 58”) and holds a dozen magnum goose decoys, the adjustable shoulder straps and waist band make it easier to carry the decoys to and from the boat or field.
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