Frequently Asked Questions for the SportDOG SD-105 and SD-105S

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Frequently Asked Questions for the SportDOG SD-105 and SD-105S

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for the SportDOG YardTrainer SD-105 and SD-105S

Is it safe to give stimulation to my dog?

It is safe to give continuous or momentary stimulation to your dog. It may be a bit uncomfortable, but not harmful. To attain your expected results using the electronic collar, you need to be hands-on and train your dog.

What is the recommended age for a dog to use the YardTrainer SD-105 or SD-105S?

Generally speaking, your dog should be capable of following simple commands such as “sit” or “lie down” to use the collar. However, if your dog is lighter than 8 pounds, the collar may be too big for him.

 Does my dog still have to wear the collar even if he has already learned to follow all my commands?

For the sake of reinforcement, you may let your dog wear the collar every now and then. In some cases, hunters let their dogs wear the collar for optimum control.

Does the Collar Receiver have waterproof properties?

Yes it is fully waterproof. Just remember to keep dirt and debris off of the o-ring and o-ring groove of the unit whenever you have to replace the rechargeable battery pack.

If my dog is aggressive, can I still use the SD-105 or 105S?

If your dog is aggressive, it is recommended that you get in touch with your veterinarian or an expert to check if your dog is too aggressive. We do not recommend any of our products to be used on aggressive dogs.

Is there a guarantee for the 100 yard operating range of the SD-105 or 105S?

The range that you will get will greatly depend on the topography, weather conditions, foliage as well as the presence of other radio transmitting devices. Your collar range may vary slightly due to these conditions.

Is there a limit on how long I can administer continuous stimulation to my dog?

The limit to how long you can give continuous stimulation to your dog is 8 seconds. When you constantly press the button, the correction will automatically halt after 8 seconds. You will then have to stop pressing the button and push it again if you want to give your dog stimulation again.

If I see that the neck of my dog gets red and irritated, what should I do?

This is primarily caused by the Contact Points which can irritate your dog’s skin. If this happens, lay off on the collar for a few days. If the irritation does not heal after 2 days, call the vet. Once it has healed, resume use of the collar but watch your dog’s skin for any sign of recurrence.

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