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Pheasant hunting has been a tradition on Cape Cod since 1914, and since 1961 with the concurrence of the National Park Service on Cape Cod National Seashore lands.

Joining the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation in the case are the Massachusetts Sportsmen’s Council Inc., Barnstable County League of Sportsmen’s Clubs and sportsman Michael Veloza of Manomet, Massachusetts.

The SLDF has been involved in – and won - a number of other lawsuits. Here is a sampling:

Michigan Case Attempts to Oust Sportsmen from Public Land
The SLDF protected Michigan’s wildlife management programs and its Pittman-Robertson (P-R) funding. The Sierra Club filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Michigan Department of Natural Resources seeking to terminate the state’s P-R funding. It claimed the funds had been used to implement programs that “focus on game species to the detriment of non-game species and emphasize hunting to the detriment of non-hunters.” U.S. District Judge Richard Enslen ruled against the Sierra Club, clearing the way for sportsman-supported wildlife conservation to continue.

SLDF Files Suit to Protect Sportsmen’s Access to Florida Preserve
The SLDF became involved in a lawsuit to overturn the National Park Service’s restrictions on traditional access to the Big Cypress National Preserve. These access restrictions severely restrict hunting, fishing and recreational access to Big Cypress. This case is also ongoing.

SLDF Helps Save Sportsmen’s Role on Alaska Board of Game
The SLDF worked with the state of Alaska when anti’s filed a lawsuit to strip the Board of Game of its regulatory authority and appoint a new Board representative of non-hunters. The case was dismissed and the judge noted that the courts should not become involved in the ideology or composition of the Game Board.

SLDF Files Suit to Defend Integrity of the Endangered Species Act
The SLDF has intervened in a lawsuit filed by animal rights groups against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that could halt Americans’ ability to hunt Argali wild sheep in Asia and would damage wildlife conservation efforts in parts of the continent. This case is important as anti-hunters are asking the courts to make wildlife management decisions.

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