Charging the Garmin Delta Collar Receiver

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Charging the Garmin Delta Collar Receiver

In this article we will explain how to charge the Garmin Delta and Garmin Delta Sport collar receiver. 

Important: Before connecting the charging clip, make sure that the contact points on the collar and the area around it are dry to prevent corrosion.

Be sure to remove the charging clip first before putting the collar on the dog. Otherwise, the charging clip may fall off the collar while your dog is wearing it and may get lost.

Before using the collar for the first time, be sure to completely charge it. If the battery is completely depleted, charging will take approximately two hours. If the temperature is not within the range of 32 to 104F (0 to 40C), the device will not charge.

1.      1. Connect the charging clip  to the device.

2.       Find the mini-USB port  on the charging clip and insert the smaller end of the power cable into it.

3.      3.  The other end of the power cable should then be inserted into a suitable power source. When charging the collar, the LED indicator will appear solid red.

4. Detach the charging clip from the collar when fully charged. You will know that the collar has been fully charged when the LED indicator turns green.

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