Basic Training Before Using the Garmin Delta

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Basic Training Before Using the Garmin Delta

In this article we will explain what Basic Training needs to take place before using the Garmin Delta and Garmin Delta Sport Collars

Before even using the Delta system, you should start by teach your dog some basic commands. We recommend that you should teach our dog these 3 basic commands in the following order: “heel”, “sit” and “here”.

Once your dog has learned these, you can proceed with the initial stage of training. During this time, you can let your dog wear the collar but don’t switch it on yet. Doing this will let your dog get accustomed to the collar before using the collar to administer stimulation on your dog. This step will help prevent “collar-wise” behavior on your dog.

Start with short training sessions and teach only one command for every training session. Your dog might get confused if you teach him all the commands in one session and can hamper the training process. Carefully observe your dog. This will help you determine if you are going too fast or too slow. You should also know when your dog needs a break.

The key is repetition and consistency. And you should have enough patience to do all these. Also, don’t forget to give positive reassurance to your dog. This will encourage them to follow your command. In time, your dog will surely learn the commands. Each dog is different so how your dog will progress will vary from other dogs. Once you have observed your dog comprehends the commands while still on the leash, you can now go on with training your dog with stimulations. At this point, you will still have to use the leash on your dog.

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