PETA Wants a Guantanamo “Empathy Exhibit”

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PETA Wants a Guantanamo “Empathy Exhibit”

PETA has always been about symbolism, from fake blood to naked celebrities. Now it wants to “empathize” with a new symbol- Guantanamo Bay.

Since the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and the ongoing conflicts in Afghanistan, the American military base at Guantanamo Bay has been the site of a prison facility for those captured. It has also been the source of much political debate with President Obama vowing to close the facility down as part of his new diplomatic outreach.

Never one to miss an opportunity to have ink spilt on it, PETA has announced that it wants to use the prison as the setting for a new exhibition.

According to various media reports, Tracy Reiman, the Vice President of PETA, has indicated that the group foresees a, “Guantánamo Bay Empathy Exhibit as an ideal home for . . . a display that reminds viewers that suffering is suffering, no matter who the victim is.”

PETA claims it is serious about putting together the exhibit which would include panels complete with pictures of animals being beaten next to vintage civil rights era photos of protestors being hit. The images would ``explore ways . . . to promote nonviolent and non-exploitive relationships with all the living beings in this diverse world.”

The offer was apparently made to the U.S. State Department official responsible for finding nations willing to take in the remaining 241 prisoners still housed at Guantanamo. It is unclear if the official received the communication from PETA.

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