German Court Upholds Stop on PETA “Holocaust” Campaign

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German Court Upholds Stop on PETA “Holocaust” Campaign

n another amazing example of terrible taste, PETA attempted to push its agenda in Germany by comparing the killing of animals with the Nazi war crimes against Jews during the Holocaust.

The highest court in Germany, the Federal Constitutional Court, decided on March 26, 2009 that the 2004 PETA campaign was illegal due its offensiveness to survivors of the Holocaust.

The PETA effort took effort initially began in 2003. It was titled “Holocaust on your plate” and showed pictures of animals before slaughter next to Concentration Camp victims.

At the time, two Holocaust survivors successfully filed a suit to stop the sickening campaign.

The Federal Constitutional Court decision upheld the decision made by a lower court that came as a result of a successful lawsuit filed by Holocaust survivors.

In its decision the court stated that the PETA effort represented “a minimization of the plight of Holocaust survivors.”

Harald Ullman, PETA’s spokesman in Germany, indicated the group is examining whether to appeal the decision to the European Court of Human Rights.

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