Rules to Live by when Crate Training

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Rules to Live by when Crate Training

  1. Never use the crate as punishment!
  2. Never open the door while he is crying, even if you have to wait hours for a 10 second pause in the crying before letting him out.
  3. Select the proper size crate for your dog. If you buy a crate that is large enough to accommodate him when he is full-sized, block off an area inside the crate to make it just large enough for him to stand up and turn around. Making it too large will allow him to soil one area and live in the other.
  4. Take him outside to eliminate before putting him up in the crate for the night or an extended period of time.
  5. Take him outside immediately upon letting him out of the crate. With puppies, you may have to carry them outside to avoid accidents.
  6. Let him naturally find the crate in your kitchen, living room or wherever you decide the crate will reside.
  7. Make sure you place the crate in an area well circulated, free of drafts, and out of direct sunlight. Placing food in the back of the crate will encourage your pet to explore and enter this new area.
  8. Let the dog get comfortable with the crate before attempting to close the door on him. Once you close the door, reward him with praise and/or a treat. Keep the first few sessions with the door shut short. Ten seconds without crying is what you’re striving for. Open the door and give him lots of love and praise. Slowly, and I mean slowly, increase the time with the door shut.

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