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Bumper Boy FAQ

1. What's the difference between the Bumper Boy Sportsman and the Derby Double?
- There are two key differences between the two models. Both reside in the electronics. The first difference is the electronics used. The Sportsman model comes with the Sportsman series electronics. The Sportsman transmitter is designed for only one launcher control. The Derby Double comes with the Pro Series electronics and the Pro Transmitter, which can operate multiple launchers.

- The second difference is in the sound system. Both models include the same standard sound system. The advanced sound option for the Sportsman gives you the Duck call. However, the advanced sound option for the Derby Double gives you all four sounds (Duck, Pheasant, Goose, and Human).

2. Can I upgrade my Sportsman to a Derby Double?
- Yes. Because the two models are the same mechanically, you can simply upgrade the electronics. Call Bumper Boy customer service department at 1-800-729-3822 to find out how to get your electronics upgraded.

3. Can I program my transmitter to operate my friend's launcher when we train together?
- Yes. Using a simple programming sequence, either transmitter can be used to operate both launchers. Periodically, Bumper Boy does software updates in their electronics and to be compatible, both sets of electronics must be on the same version.

4. How do I get my electronics updated?
- To get the software updates for your electronics, call Bumper Boy customer service department for a return authorization number and then send in your electronics to them. They will install the new version and then ship them back to you. The update is done at no charge and all you pay is the shipping cost.

5. What kind of maintenance is needed for the launchers?
- Bumper Boy recommends performing the basic maintenance described in your owner's manual. Periodic cleaning and lubricating will allow your Bumper Boy launcher to operate to optimal performance. If you never clean or lubricate your gun, it will eventually stop firing. See your owner's manual for more details.

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