At Last! Concealed Carry for Iowas that Works!

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At Last! Concealed Carry for Iowas that Works!

Finally, HF 559 has been introduced in Iowa! This is a bill that has been endorsed by Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and its affiliated concealed carry organization on location called Iowa Carry. HF 559 is worded the way every law abiding gun owner in Iowa wants it. It covers all four of the major points that we have been pushing for:

1 – Shall Issue
2 – Standardized Training
3 – Reciprocity (or in this case, honoring other state’s permits)
4 – An Appeals Process

The bill has been sent to the House Public Safety Committee, headed by Rep. Jim Lykam (D-85). It is now time to start working the phones and writing letters.

All other bills released to date have their merits, but none of these other bills address all of the four points listed above. HF 559 is the only bill to do so.This is the one bill that CCRKBA and Iowa Carry are supporting. We want to press for a vote on legislation that will fix the problem. All of us need to convince Rep. Lykam that HF 559 is the only bill that can be passed and will actually solve the problem. As soon as we find out who will make up the subcommittee that will consider the bill, we will pass that on to everyone.

Also, a companion bill is due to be released in the Senate. As soon as that happens, we will let everyone know so they can start making calls and sending letters to their Senators as well...

Make sure that Rep. Lykam knows that this bill solves the problem and will end the abuse of power that some Sheriffs in Iowa have seen fit to perpetuate. Be firm, focused and professional but be polite as well.

Rep Jim Lykam contact info:
Jim Lykam
State Capitol
Des Moines, IA 50319
Home Address: 2906 West 35th Street, Davenport, IA, 52806
Home Telephone: 563-391-1919

The website for the legislation can be found at:

Iowa Carry is an affiliate organization of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and is committed to defending the right of all Iowans to defend themselves. Iowa Carry can be found on the web at

We want your input: