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Robin Laud, with Fenlord Gypsy Beaut Fossy, stepped to the line under David Pope. Robin keeps all his dogs close and seems to be at one with his dogs. Fenlord Gypsy Beaut Fossy was an extraordinarily stylish bitch who seemed to run larger than life. As the day warmed up, the thick frost that lined the course melted, making for tough scenting conditions. However, Fenlord Gypsy Beaut Fossy seemed to produce game rather easily while other cockers were having a bit of difficulty. The fourth and final contact for Robin and this remarkable bitch was a large hare nearly her size. She handled this hare without issue, carrying it with all the confidence and pride in the world. Why shouldn’t she? She just put herself into contention for this year’s honor.

During the second series, the dogs who had not been eliminated were called back to run under the other judge. Talk was in the air as to who to keep an eye on. My personal favorites were still in the running FTCh Dolgarreg Aron, Fenlord Gypsy Beaut Fossy and, or course, FTCh Parkbreck Perfection. The second series lived up to Championship caliber. On their second series husband and wife, Ian and Wendy Openshaw, met under less than ideal circumstances. Wendy and FTCh Dolgarreg Aron had a rather tough mark, landing at the top of a knoll in thick cover and was unable to produce the bird. Husband, Ian, was asked to perform an eye wipe, and did it with very little difficulty.

Second place, FTCh Sandford Tara of Maesydderwen, carries a nice cock pheasant back to Ian in the 2nd Series.
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As the second series concluded, the judges announced two dogs for the run-off. FTCh Sandford Tara of Maesydderwen handled by Ian Openshaw and FTCh Kelmscott Swoop handled by Carl Colclough, were called to the line by the judges for a run-off. Both handlers casted their dogs off, while FTCh Sandford Tara of Maesydderwen was tracking a bird, FTCh Kelmscott Swoop produced a hen pheasant that was shot 50 yards or so over a small knoll. Ian gave FTCh Sandford Tara of Maesydderwen a hard vocal reminder before honoring her brace mate’s flush. Swoop came up slightly short on this runner and seemed more interested in working into other birds. The excitement of the run-off caused a buzz among the gallery. Had this run-off ended in controversy? Ian and Carl both joked a little as photographers and writers crowded the gentlemen. Both handlers agreed that the run-off had not been for first place honors, which was confirmed when placements were announced.

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