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ProEars GOLD Series - For Women

ProEars, an industry leader in hearing protection innovation, has created the next generation in comfort and protection with the new GOLD series line for women. The GOLD Series line-up uses the same patented DLSC technology which compresses unsafe sounds and always give the wearer the ability to hear their surroundings. The new GOLD series offers greatly improved Noise Reduction Ratings (NRR) due to improved ProForm ear cushions combined with the ProTen headband. These improvements not only offer significant protection but they also improve the comfort of each unit. If you're a serious shooter and demand performance from your hearting protection, demand Pro-Ears GOLD for women. Pro Ears uses compression technology.

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Dynamic Level Sound Compression Technology - Explained

ProEars GOLD Series - For Women Items

  • Pro Ears ProMag GOLD - Pink - Pink/Camo Image
    The ProMag Dimension GOLD model by Pro Ears is an electronic hearing protection designed for high noise situations or shooting in an enclosed area such as indoor ranges, very high caliber loads, demolitions, etc.
    • NRR of 33
    • Full-cup design -ideal for handguns
    • For high noise or shooting indoors
    • 70 dB gain-amplifying hearing up to 8x
    • Input capabilities for: AM/FM Radio,CD,Electronics
  • Pro Ears Predator GOLD - Pink - Pink/Camo Image
    PREDATOR is a sleek, collapsible muff that will provide years of hard use for the hunter, firearm enthusiast, law enforcement/military professional and light industrial user.
    • NRR of 26
    • Chopped-cup design -ideal for handguns/rifles
    • Harmful noises compress, soft levels amplify
    • Sleek low profile, comfortable, modular design
    • Input capabilities for: AM/FM Radio,CD,Electronics
  • Pro-Ears Hygiene Kit Image
    Pro-Ears GOLD Hygiene Kit - This kit includes the new ProForm leather cup cushions to ensure a proper tight seal for optimum protection as well as new foam microphone covers for the best sound quality. 
    • For Pro-Ears GOLD Models ONLY
    • ProForm Leather Cushions
  • Pro Ears Carry Bag  Image
    Pro-Ears Storage Bag is convenient, high-quality heavy weight twill storage bag with Draw Strings and will protect your investment for years to come.
    • Fits your ProEars perfectly
    • Fully lined with a soft camo pattern
    • Heavy fabric construction
  • Pro Ears Replacement Battery Pack   Image
    Pro Ears Replacement Battery Pack -For ALL of the models offered. This set of 4 batteries is great to keep on hand for an extra or replacement set. 
    • For Pro Ears and Walker Models
    • 4 batteries included
  • Pro Ears Belt Clip Image
    A very handy tool to carry your hearing protection. Made exclusively for Pro Ears. Keep your ear muffs close at hand when not in use.
    • Clips to any size belt
    • Durable hard plastic
    • Will hold most brands of Ear Muffs
  • Pro Ears Foam Ear Plugs Image
    Great reusable plugs, when ear muffs are not required. Two pair of plugs in a convenient carrying case. These plugs are non allergenic and very comfortable. Shaped to fit most users' ear canals.
    • NRR: 29 dB
    • TWO PAIR in a Carrying Case
    • Disposable
    • Comfortable, Non-Allergenic
    • Fits most ear canals