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Silent Dog Whistles

Invented by Acme in 1935, the Silent Whistle is the perfect choice people who live in an urban environment, where noise is a factor. We carry a few different silent models, which are not in fact silent but emit a high frequency that is easily heard by dogs. Most dogs hear quite clearly frequencies that the human ear cannot. Both models are adjustable within the frequency range of 5400 Hz. to 12,800 Hz. So they can be tuned to your dog's specific hearing level. Whether your dog is working close to you or at a distance this model is the perfect choice

Silent Dog Whistles Items

  • Acme Silent Dog Whistle Image
    Silent Dog Whistle is almost inaudible to the human ear, its ultrasonic frequency will carry over great distances.  Imported from England.
    • Fully adjustable
    • Variable pitch and frequency
    • Great long distance whistle
    • Frequencies from 5400 Hz to 12,800 Hz
  • Remington Silent Dog Whistle Image
    This nickel-plated brass dog whistle with adjustable tone is almost inaudible to the human ear, but your dog will hear it loud and clear. 
    • Material:  Nickel-plated brass 
    • Adjustable tone
    • Almost inaudible to the human ear
  • European Silent Dog Whistle #530 Image
    European Silent Dog Whistle is 100% adjustable precision, made of professional quality. 
    • Made with German precision
    • Adjustable pitch
    • Professional quality
    • Dogs can hear it up to 400 yards