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Peltor - Hearing Protection

Peltor Hearing Protection has been an industry leader with over 40 years of quality service. Peltor has a reputation for being reliable for their protection in agriculture, forestry, shooting, military, aviation and motor sports. They manufacture an extensive line of earmuffs for top notch protection to their customers. Peltor Hearing Protection also makes a wide range of electronic headsets for communications, as well. Each Peltor unit is built for long wearing comfort and comes in above the head and neck band styles. Peltor Hearing Protection is available in a variety of price ranges fitting into a budget that is right for you. Peltor Hearing Protection has a goal of providing the greatest possible comfort, security and safety, while increasing the wearer's enjoyment. Peltor uses peak clipping technology.

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Peltor - Hearing Protection Items

  • Peltor Tactical 6 Stereo  Image
    Peltor Tactical 6 Hearing Protection - Protection from dangerous impulse noise such as gunfire, along with the distortion-free amplification of low level sounds such as range commands and conversation. 
    • NRR - 19 dB
    • Chop Side Cup
    • Dual Volume Control
    • Stereo Hearing, weight: 8.8 oz.
  • Peltor Sporttac Image
    Peltor Sporttac -The new Sporttac has a higher NRR 20, greatly improved battery life lasting over 500 hours of use.

    • NRR: 20 dB
    • Lightweight chop cup design
    • Folding Headband
    • Interchangeable Orange & Black Cups
    • Audio jack: cell phones,tracking eqpt., MP3's
  • Peltor Work Tunes - Radio Ear Muffs Image
    Peltor WorkTunes Radio headset combines an AM/FM radio with Peltor's proven expertise in ear protection radio. Protect your hearing and listen to your favorite music, sports and talk radio - at the same time with these radio ear muffs!
    • NRR 22 dB, digital muffs
    • Pre-Set up to 10 Different Stations
    • MP3 Compatible, AM/FM Radio
    • Sporting Events, Construction, Landscaping
  • Peltor Push To Listen Hearing Protection Image
    Peltor Push To Listen Hearing Protection is a passive muff : listen to conversation or the environment. Shooters can hear line commands, conversation or game in the field. Gives 30 second window of hearing amplification.
    • NRR: 26 dB
    • Full Cup Design
    • Passive Muff : listen to voices or environment
    • Push to Listen: 30 sec. window of amplification
  • Peltor Hygiene Kit Image
    Peltor Hygiene Kit - Keep your Peltor units looking their best with a replacement hygiene kit. The kit includes new cup cushions to ensure a proper tight seal for optimum protection as well as new foam microphone covers for the best sound quality.
    • For PELTOR Models ONLY
    • Replacement cup cushions
    • Replacement foam cups
  • Peltor Junior Hearing Protection Image
    Peltor Junior Hearing Protection is sized for youth & smaller adults.  This unit comes with liquid foam ear cushions and has a padded adjustable SS headband for comfort and support.
    • For Junior or Small Adults
    • Black
    • Low profile cups