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Dogtra Collar Accessories

We carry hard to find Dogtra collar replacement items and accessories. Everything from replaceable antennas, carrying cases, test lights, rechargers and more. If you don't see an item you are looking for please give us a call, we would be glad to help you accessorize your Dogtra Collar.

Click here for our Dogtra Dog Accessories - Comparison Chart.

Dogtra Collar Accessories Items

  • Dogtra Batteries Image
    These rechargeable NiMH replacement batteries are for Dogtra Electronic Collars.
    • Click on Dogtra Batteries to View Chart
    • BP2T, BP12RT, BP15RT    
    • BP20R
    • BP74R, BP74T
    • BP37F, BP37T
    • BPRR, BP72T
  • Dogtra Battery Charger Image
    Dogtra Battery Charger - Allows you to recharge both the transmitter and the receiver at the same time, with one outlet.
    • Click on Dogtra Battery Charger to View Chart
    • BC12V300/5.3 and 5.5 
    • BC18V200/5.5  
    • BC25V500/5.3  and 5.5
    • BC10V1500/5.5 
  • Dogtra Splitter for Recharger Units Image
    Dogtra Splitter - Allows you to charge both the transmitter and collar at the same time. This splitter will work with the Low Profile, 1000 and 2000 Series collars.
    • 5.5 Splitter (black on both ends)
    • 5.3 Splitter (one black/one yellow end)
    • 3.3 Splitter (yellow on both ends)