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Bark Control Products

Bark Collar

  • Tritronics Bark Collar Image
    Tri-Tronics Bark Collar - Tri-Tronics has been an industry leader in helping dogs learn quicker. Their Tri tronics Bark Limiter G3, no bark collar has been a consistent performer in keeping dogs quiet. The Bark Limiter G3 sets up with a push of a button and utilizes advanced circuitry that pro longs battery life up to 1 year of use.
  • Dogtra No Bark Collar Image
    Dogtra No Collar - Dogtra Yapper Stoppers work exactly as their name states. This recharable suite bark collars comes in 2 models, The YS-500 for larger breeds and the YS-200 for smaller breeds. Yapper Stoppers have 7 levels of correction, are 100% waterproof and come with a1 year manufacturers warranty.
  • Sport Dog Bark Collars Image
    SportDog Bark Collars - SportDog has been in the pet electronics business for eleven years working to develop some of the best dog electronics in the business. Their SportDog Training collar line is now complimented by a pair of no bark collars.
  • Innotek Bark Collar Image
    Innotek Bark Collar - Innotek offers a new system of progressive corrections. This anti bark collar operates by gradually increasing the intensity of the correction. This barking dog collar raises the correction one level at a time with each bark, until the barking stops.
  • Remington No Bark Collar Image
    2 Modes of Correction, 8 Levels of Fixed Correction
  • PetSafe Bark Collars Image
    PetSafe understands the importance of a good relationship between you and your dog and that is why they have perfected the design of their bark collars. PetSafe Bark Collars allow you to correct your dog's barking by providing your dog with a correction every time he barks so that he will learn that whenever he bark he receives an unwanted correction.
  • Citronella Bark Control Collars Image
    Citronella Bark Control Collars - The Gentle Spray Citronella Bark Control Collars are a very safe and humane way to train your dog to stop barking. While wearing Citronella dog bark collars, a barking dog activates a release of citronella spray from the unit in front of the dog?s nose. The citronella is very safe and effective at discouraging the dog from barking. Most dogs are quick to learn that his or her barking causes the citronella bark collar to spray and if he or she stops barking, the spray will cease. In fact, University studies have shown that Citronella dog bark collars can be twice as effective as traditional bark control collars.