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Innotek Bark Collar

Innotek bark collar offer a new system of progressive corrections. These Innotek bark collars operate by gradually increasing the intensity of the correction. This Innotek bark collar raises the correction one level at a time with each bark, until the barking stops. After your dog has been quiet for 20 seconds, Innotek bark collar will automatically re-set to the next lowest level. This is the level that is best for your dog. With dog bark collars of this type, there is no risk of overcorrecting because your dog controls which level he stops barking at. These Innotek bark collars allow dogs to learn that excessive and annoying barking is not acceptable. Most dogs quickly learn to avoid the stimulation by being quiet. Of course, some dogs learn more quickly than others, so be patient and understanding with your dog when introducing your Innotek bark collar.

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