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Pro Ears - Electronic Hearing Protection

Pro Ears Electronic Hearing Protection features their cornerstone 'DLSC™' Dynamic Level Sound Compression Technology. Pro Ears prides itself in protecting hearing while at the same time allowing the user the ability to hear lower volume sounds such as normal levels of conversation. Pro Ears are the only programmable units that allow the user to change “Gain Sensitivity” for anyone with hearing problems. Pro-Ears offer superior true stereo - directional sound quality. These unit come with a 5 year warranty on their Dimension Series and 3 Years on their Predator Series. They also come with in fold up design for easy carrying and convenient storage. Pro Ears uses compression technology.

Pro Ears - Electronic Hearing Protection Items

  • Pro Ears Replacement Battery Pack   Image
    Pro Ears Replacement Battery Pack -For ALL of the models offered. This set of 4 batteries is great to keep on hand for an extra or replacement set. 
    • For Pro Ears and Walker Models
    • 4 batteries included
  • Pro Ear  Hygiene Kits  Image
    Pro Ear Hygiene Kit - Keep your Pro-Ears units looking their best with a replacement hygiene kit. This kit includes new cup cushions to ensure a proper tight seal for optimum protection as well as new foam microphone covers for the best sound quality.