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EAR Inc - Hearing Protection

E.A.R. has designed a custom fit in the ear electronic without the need to customize. The in the ear hearing protection utilizes silicone tips for a custom fit that installs in seconds. Now there is no need to make costly inconvenient ear molds just switch the tips until the unit fits snug. Each ear plug has independent volume which allows the user to turn up the volume and amplify to hear even the slightest sound and still have full protection. Units come in two different styles; analog circuitry and cutting edge pure digital. E.A.R. is the perfect unit for serious shooters and those looking for a small inconspicuous fit. EAR Inc uses compression technology.

EAR Inc - Hearing Protection Items

  • ShotHunt by Ear Inc. Image
    When activated, SHOTHUNT™ electronic earplugs provide a digital protective function that will automatically and drastically suppress all noises and sounds above an 85dB safety threshold  Then the corrective function will enhance all noises and sounds under the safety threshold, providing a +20dB level without altering natural hearing.

    • Both Digital Protective and Corrective Functions
    • Retain 360 Degrees of Awareness
    • Totally Waterproof
    • Excellent for Hunting
  • Ear Inc Analog Mini-Canal Image
    Ear Inc Analog Mini-Canal - With growing interests in electronic hearing protection, E.A.R. developed this line of small, discreet earplugs that fit comfortably into the ear with the use of various sized patent wax-guard tips.
    • Right and Left Sides included
    • Moisture Resistant
    • Unique Feedback Suppression 
    • Two sizes of Silicone Tips
  • Ear Inc SHS V  Directional Mics Image
    This unit builds on the foundations of the SHS IV but adds an additional fifth memory program to the circuit board that allows the user to focus the mics to what they see in front of them. 
    • One Individual Side Unit
    • Directional Mic Enhancement
    • Active Telecoil/Enhancement
    • Background Reduction and Mute
    • Fits comfortably behind the ear
  • Ear Inc SHS IV  Speech Enhancement Image
     This unit is built like the SHS III but is programmed with Speech Enhancement software. This means better clarity in the speech range for understanding conversation in the field.
    • One Individual Side Unit
    • Speech Enhancement Software
    • Active Telecoil/Enhancement
    • Background Reduction and Mute
    • Fits comfortably behind the ear
  • Ear Inc SHS III Automatic with active telecoil, 3 ATC Controls Image
    This unit merges the function of the wireless communication aspect into one single enhancement/protection and wireless audio mode.  
    • One Individual Side Unit
    • Active Telecoil/Enhancement
    • Mute Memory Mode
    • Fits comfortably behind the ear
  • Ear Inc SHS II with Manual Telecoil Image
    This unit is designed exactly the same as the SHS I unit above except it will feature a manual telecoil component. When the user wants to use this unit in a wireless communication application, they will switch the memory into this second setting. 
    • One Individual Side Unit
    • Manual Telecoil Component
    • Receive Wireless Audio Communications
    • Fits comfortably behind the ear
  • EAR INC. SHS I Basic Image
    The SHS I Basic is the best option for those looking for hearing protection and enhancement in an economic package. It does not feature any ATC potentiometers or manual telecoil for wireless communication ability. 
    • One Individual Side Unit
    • Fits comfortably behind the ear
    • Maximize softer sounds (game/bird movement)