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Innotek Electronic Dog Collars

Innotek makes a complete line of electronic dog collars for the hunter, the field trialer, and the hunt test enthusiast. You want dogs that learn faster and hunt smarter. Innotek electronic collar systems help you get there. Pointing dogs, retrievers, flushing dogs, hounds... no matter what type of training you're doing, we're here to help. The Command Series II Professional shock collar systems offer the most advanced transmitter design Innotek has ever made. These shock collar systems offer 15 separate levels of stimulation, running from ultra-low for basic yard work to high for difficult/stubborn dogs. The rugged, waterproof control unit puts all of the important features right at the handler's fingertips. Additionally, Innotek offers the Command Series 16000 model that supports up to 4 additional accessories, such as Innotek Auto Backers, Innotek Bird Launchers, and Innotek Beeper Collars, all conveniently controlled from the hand-held transmitter. Click here for our Innotek Electronic Dog Collar - Comparison Chart.
Innotek UltraSmart Dog Training Collars
Innotek UltraSmart Training Collars set a new standard. The difference is in the sleek, streamlined contoured comfortable fit collar -- 30% smaller and lighter than other training collar receivers. The Innotek UltraSmart systems are superior, smarter, and safer than any other system.

Technology makes the difference! The Ultra systems are the only systems which incorporate Lithium Ion Technology and the only system where the receiver is incorporated into the collar. It is the only system where the receiver is contoured to your dog’s neck and the only systems which perform a self diagnostic. This is the only system which automatically tests for proper collar fit and provides instant feedback on battery strength. The Innotek Ultra systems are hands down the most superior, the smartest and the safest training collars available for your dog.