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Greg Keats Custom Goose Calls

In 1997, Greg Keats entered and won the International Callmakers Contest & Exhibit. The International Callmakers Contest is not your average goose calling contest. In this contest, one professional caller blows all the goose calls entered in the contest and rates them based on sound and appearance. Greg's goose calls proved to be very rich in tone and capable of a wide range of true Canada Goose sounds while goose hunting. From the very loud hail call to the low-end moans and whines, Greg Keats goose calls do it all. Each goose call is handmade and produced with musical instrument-like quality. Each goose call is hand-tuned one at a time by Greg Keats himself. Whether goose hunting or championship calling Greg Keats’ goose calls have made their mark in history.

Greg Keats Custom Goose Calls Items