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Goose Calling DVD's

Our Goose Hunting DVD section offers a wide variety of instructional DVDs which will help you learn to use your goose equipment effectively. We have videos for beginners to experts and everything inbetween.

Goose Calling DVD's Items

  • Honker Talk with Goose Calling Champion Shawn Stahl DVD Image
    In Honker Talk DVD -Shawn Stahl helps you call in more Canada Geese this season. Shawn Step by step instruction on how to improve your Canada Geese calling and hunting methods.

    • Format: DVD
    • Run Time: 90 minutes
    • Improve Canada Geese calling/hunting methods
  • The Goose Society - Vol. 1 : Decoys DVD Image
     The Goose Society DVD by: Scott Threinen - 3 Time World Live Goose Calling Champion  looks at decoys, decoy placement, concealment, calling, scouting, and behavior all in comparison to how the birds look, act, and sound. 
    • Run time: 90 minutes
    • Uses the Birds First Approach
    • Discuss Decoys, Placement, Concealment
    • Calling, Scouting, and Behavior 
  • Bad Grammer DVD Image
    Bad Grammar DVD with Scott Threinen includes how to properly hold the call, using your hands, air flow, inflection, building speed, and calling in goose rhythms. 
    • 2 DVDs with 3 hours of instruction 
    • Digital Note Footage of each note
    • Learn hand, tongue position, airflow
    • Properly tune a call