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PetSafe Containment Systems

With the PetSafe containment system, your pet can roam – and you can relax, knowing he’s as safe as he is happy. More than just a barrier, the PetSafe barrier actually helps train your pet into the perfect citizen for your yard. By using a magnetic field and safe, mild static corrections combined with a warning beep, the PetSafe containment system helps your pet learn which areas are for playing and which are off-limits. Best of all, unlike traditional fences, cages, and chains, it’s the one solution that can’t be dug under, chewed through, or jumped over.

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PetSafe Containment Systems Items

  • PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence (PIG00-10777) Image
    The PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence is designed for stubborn dogs that continually challenge the containment barrier. The collar has four levels of progressive correction.
    • For Stubborn Dogs over 30 lbs.
    • Covers up to 10 Acres w/ Additional Wire 
    • 4 Levels of Correction, Plus Tone Only 
    • Vibration On Correction 
    • Waterproof Collar Receiver
  • PetSafe In-Ground Fence (PIG00-13661) Image
    PetSafe In-Ground Fence (PIG00-13661) - provide your pet with freedom and safety with quick and easy installation, reliability and safety, and with proper training, a very effective solution.
    • Covers up to 10 acres
    • 4 Levels of Correction Plus Tone Only
    •  Deluxe, Waterproof UltraLight Receiver
  • Deluxe Ultralight Collar (PUL-275) Image
    PetSafe Deluxe Ultralight Receiver -smallest receiver weighing only 1.5 ounces and measures 2 1/8 x 3/4 x 3/4 inches. For Petsafe In-Ground Fence EXCLUDING Petsafe UltraSmart In-Ground Fence
    • For MOST Petsafe In-Ground Fences
    • 4 Levels of Correction PLUS Tone-Only mode
    • Progressive Correction 
    • Waterproof Receiver Collar 
    • For Dogs 8 lbs. and up
  • PetSafe Rechargeable In-Ground Fence Receiver Collar (PIG00-13737) Image
    Rechargeable, waterproof receiver collar with any PetSafe In-Ground Fence, excluding any UltraSmart series.
    Works with the following models:
    • PIG00-13661 In-Ground Fence
    • PIG00-10777 Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence
    • PIG00-10773 Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence
    • PIG00-11007 Deluxe In-Ground Cat Fence
    • PRF-3004W In Ground Dog Fence
  • Petsafe Super Receiver for Stubborn Dogs (PRF-275-19) Image
    The PetSafe PRF-275-19 Stubborn Dog Extra Collar is designed for larger and stubborn dogs that are continuously challenging the barrier. 4 Levels of Progressive Correction.
    • For Petsafe Stubborn Dog Systems
    • 4 Levels of Correction PLUS Tone Only Mode
    • Progressive Correction
    • Waterproof Receiver
    • Recommended For Stubborn Dogs
  • Wires & Flag Kit - PIG00-13769 Image
    PetSafe Wire and Flag Kit - The PetSafe PIG00-13769 Extra Wire & Flag Kit provides the extra wire and flags to expand the area of containment for your PetSafe or Innotek In-Ground Containement System.
    • Compatible with PetSafe or Innotek Systems
    • 50 boundary flags
    • 500 ft. of boundary wire and two wire nuts
    • Enough wire to enclose about 1/3 acre
  • Petsafe Indoor Pet Barrier Transmitter Zone Image
    The PetSafe® Indoor Radio Fence Transmitter is a safe and easy-to-use system that effectively keeps your pet out of certain rooms, off furniture, away from trashcans, and more. The receiver collar (not included) sends a warning beep, followed by a safe, mild, static correction.
    • Tone-only mode alerts your pet with a beep
    • Adjust range from 2 - 10 feet
    • Works with MOST Petsafe In-Ground Systems