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NYX Carbon Shooting Glass Lenses

Item Number: GDO-11678
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NOTE: These lenses ONLY fit the NYX Carbon Shooting System Frames.

Shooters need options, sometimes a significant change in contrasting color can help shooters pick up their targets quicker which allows for a more controlled breaking point. NYX Shooting Systems offer a multitude of colors for your shooting glasses so you can select the colors that work best for you. Gundogs Online recommends that you have a series of lenses on hand for low, medium and high light conditions in combination with lenses that will contrast off the standard background colors ( blue, green & brown).

If you have any questions about your shooting glasses please contact our experts to help select your proper lens color.

Lens Colors:
Optic Yellow Lens - This lens allows in 80% of available visible light. It is worn in hazy, foggy days or late afternoon as it will highlight the target with better definition by blocking out much of the blue light.

Hunter Orange Lens - This lens allows in 50% of available visible light. It filters a greater amount of blue light than either the vermillion or amber brown lenses which brightens lighter colored targets. This lens should be used on cloudy to partly cloudy days to enhance contrasts. It can be worn on sunny days if you are wearing a hat.

Light Vermillion Lens - This is a light colored lens allowing in about 70% of available visible light. The light filtration characteristics of this lens accentuates bright targets against a medium to dark background environment, such as trees. It is also an excellent lens to use when shooting in low or flat light conditions.

Medium Vermillion Lens - A darker rose colored lens which allows 40% available visible light to come through. This lens is used to enhance your environment on bright sunny days, and reacts along the same principles as the light vermilion shade by sharpening the contrast of the target against green backgrounds.

Dark Vermilion Lens - The darkest rose tinted lens in the series of vermilion shades. This lens will allow 22% available visible light to come through. It is best used during bright days to reduce terrain glare while still enhancing target color. 

Light Purple Lens - This lighter colored lens combining the gray and vermilion shades to dampen the green backgrounds and enhance clarity of the target against tall trees. This lens is perfect for daytime conditions and allows 85% of available visible light through.

Medium Purple Lens - This intermediate lens allows 46% of available visible light to come through and distribute better contrast and texture to targets against a greener background. It is an excellent choice for sportsmen looking to sharpen targets on partly cloudy and clear days. 

Dark Purple Lens - A darker combination of gray and vermillion shades which allow only 30% of available visible light through. This lens is used on brighter days to enhance clarity and sharpen the contrast of objects against green backgrounds.Brown lens but will only allow 18% of available visible light through, making it a good lens for brighter conditions. 

Green Lens - This lens helps promote and highlight orange targets against any background. The green properties will also make this an accurate lens for any green background sport such as golf and green tennis court as it allows 24% of available visible light to pass through.

Dark Green Lens - This lens provides texture to green terrains and allows only 15% of available visible light through. The darker color helps absorb the transmitted light and it is an excellent lens for sportsmen looking for camouflage aspects.

Medium Gray Lens - An all-purpose lens which transmits all color schemes at the same level. Objects seen through this lens stay true in nature. They are good lenses for bright sunny days allowing through 33% of available visible light.

Dark Gray Lens - This is the darkest lens we offer providing only 12% available visible light to come through. It is used on very bright days to cut down on glare and reduce eye strain. The gray color will leave objects true to natural color.

Light Amber Lens - Characteristics of amber help bring definition to a viewed object. This lens brings texture to the environment and would be used in low lighting conditions as it allows 88% of available light to pass through. The slight rose tint would also help bring out and highlight colors.

Amber Brown Lens - This is a medium colored lens allowing in about 33% of available visible light. The amber color filters light more evenly then the vermillion and orange lenses, allowing objects to appear closer to their natural color. The brightness and contrast control features on the lens allow it to be used in a wide variety of conditions. 

Dark Amber Lens - This is the second darkest lens we offer. It carries the same amber enhancement as the Medium Amber Brown lens but will only allow 18% of available visible light through, making it a good lens for brighter conditions. 

Cobalt Blue Lens (add $3 to the price shown) - This lens will darken greenish and sky blue backgrounds and highlight yellow and green targets. A good lens for average to partly cloud condition. Allow 72% available visible light to pass through. 

Clear Lens - This lens allows 98% of available visible light and is mainly used indoors when no contrast is needed, or when there is adequate lighting conditions. This is a very good safety lens. 

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