Crow River 6-Hole Stainless Topper

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Crow River 6-Hole Stainless Topper - Sold Out

  Jessica Doherty

  1459 County Route 4
          Central Square , New York - United States

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Made by Crow River Fabricating in 2004, 6-hole dog box (can hold up to 12 50-lb dogs) is all stainless steel, inside and out, with aluminum louvered doors. Insulated. 2 boxes load in back, perfect for loading big dogs.
Boxes are large, very warm in winter, cool in summer. Lovered doors. This box is built to last forever with no maintenance. Comes with 4 rubber mats and bedding keepers.

Features: All-welded main construction of stainless steel; Partitions allow for cross-ventilation at top; Roof insulated with 2" of polystyrene, 1"in floor, 1" in front wall and sides, covered with stainless; Anodized aluminum louvered kennel doors; Stainless steel hinges; removable lips to keep bedding inside and for dogs to grab onto when going into box;
Lights on each side; 2 boxes load from the tailgate, for ease in loading very large dogs - This has been my favorite feature; Extra mounting hooks, which make excellent tie down points.

Full box dimensions are 74" long x 69" wide.
Boxes are large 24"w x 24"h x 33"l.

A picture of the truck and box is also on Crow River's site...

More picture on my site below.
*This box was on a Nissan Frontier, now is on a Toyota Tundra.

We want to move this box before Oct 24th. After the 24th, the price will be $3,300