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Trained Retriever for sale - Sold Out

  Brian Szczech

  83 Bear Creek Rd.
          Moreland, Georgia - United States



Axle, a black male lab, 2 1/2 years old is a retrieving machine. With outstanding breeding and having been trained to his career of a exeptional duck dog with talent to spare. Axle 70 lbs, and lots of desire. He is a exeptional marking retriever, has a fantastic land / water balance, just what a duck hunting dog needs. He is steady to shot and can quarter a field for pheasants. His blood lines include Grandfather Aces High. Also in Pedigrees, Snake Eyes Double or Nothin, Ebonstar Lean Mac, cornerstone dogs of the retriever world.
Also Axle holds UKC - HRC titles, he has a huge future in hunt test world or in the field or marsh.