22 MOS Chocolate Lab Senior/Master Level Training

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22 MOS Chocolate Lab Senior/Master Level Training

  Kate Johansson

  WA-United States

  (253) 569-0411

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Jag is 22 months old AKC Labrador Retriever from awesome field trial lines and has been professionally trained since the age of 9 weeks. He has been running long marks for over a year and is an excellent marker.. He is doing doubles, triples and pattern blinds. He has had the traditional force fetch training and is through the T pattern on land and water. He is electronic collar conditioned using the collar as light touch communication. He has completed swim-by training and cheating singles. He is currently polishing up his skill at two-along-the-shore training concepts. He has been trained with pheasant, duck, chukar, pigeon and training bumpers. He loves water and swimming, and the sound of guns. He has been trained to be your hunting partner and is ready to start Senior level hunt tests. He is very sweet and affectionate. Mellow around the house, but grab your shotgun and watch him come alive. Super high drive dog. AKC registered, amazing pedigree, intact male. Located in Tacoma, Washington Call Kate at (253) 569-0411

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