Beautiful fully trained Elhew female

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Beautiful fully trained Elhew female

  Shawn Eisenhauer

  KS-United States


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Babe is a beautifully built Elhew female with a ton of class and a soft personality. She would make an excellent family companion/hunting dog. She is out of a VERY special repeat breeding of RU Ch CHKI Dancing Horse and CHKI Taj Mahal. Several of her older siblings are shooting dog champion potential that we use as wild bird dogs. These are absolutely beautiful animals to watch run.

Babe doesn’t run that big herself, although she does have a ton of drive. She’s more of a medium range dog that will handle in to close range if you want her to. She’s collar conditioned to turn on the knick of a collar or whistle trained to turn on 2 short blasts. She handles extrememly well to whatever range a person wants for her.

Babe is whoa broke, whistle trained (2 blasts on the whistle turns her, 1 long blast is like saying “here”), collar conditioned (turns on the knick of a collar for those times hunting wild birds when you don’t want to make any noise and also the collar can be used to reinforce a command), here broke and loads to the truck/box. She spent the summer on the prairies of South Dakota before her formal finishing work this fall.

You can view her whole pedigree on our website. It is a mix of all of the best Elhew dogs from the last 2 decades. For more information contact Shady Meadows Gundogs at our winter camp in CA at 805-736-3869 and ask for Shawn. Babe is at our midwest facility right now (thus the snow!) We have transporters that criss cross the country all the time and we can have her delivered to your door without having to go through the rigors of airline flight.