German Wirehair Pointer Pups

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German Wirehair Pointer Pups

  Randy Ballman

  1635 nottingham dr
          N.mankato, Minnesota - United States

  507 3406489


These pups were born on Thanksgiving day. Mother is a 31 pound hard charging bitch that covers a pheasant field like a machine. She has great pointing instinct..she can be running at full speed and stop on a dime to point the elusive roosters. Very high desire to retrieve anything. Great in a duck boat. Excellent family pet, awesome in the house. Stud is a 50 pound sweet heart. Nice facial features. He uses his paws like a cat and has very stylish 3 legged points. Works a field beautifully. These pups are bred specifically for hunting\family dogs. They will have great natural pointing instincts. They will love to retrieve on land or water. They will be friendly and fun loving. These are not the kinds of dogs that look for fights when around other dogs. Very social and happy. If you are wanting and excellent hunter and found it here!