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  Jim Craig

  KS-United States



This ad was created to introduce hunting dog enthusiasts and potential buyers to our litter of Wirehaired Pointing Griffons. Three of the four grandparents of these pups are Champions. They are expected to whelp approximately February 23, 2012. For more information please contact us at: lightningbargriffons@gmail.com. We also have a facebook page if you are interested in more information.

About the dam: Dezi was purchased as a hunting dog and has performed very well to date. She was started on hunting prairie chicken at 5 month, ducks at 7 months, pheasants and quail at 8 months. She has tremendous drive but is very biddable and eager to please. She is truly a pointer in that she makes large casts and covers an incredible amount of ground. When she is worked as a retriever she truly in her element and was tracking down duck as a puppy. Dezi is almost three years old and was bred during her 4th heat cycle. She is a very lovable family dog and is very affectionate. I am always amazed that the driven dog I hunt with in the field is the same dog that zonks out on the couch when hunting is over. Dezi is on the small end of the breed standard for height and weight. She weights about 50 - 53 pounds. She is a brown and gray roan. She achieved her Prize 1 on a NAVHDA test on May 23, 2010 with 112 points. Dezi has been pennHip tested and shows no hip disease. She also has a KLoci (tan gene) clear analysis on record.

Dezi was bred by Kevin Crisp (Kanzakaw Kennels - Wayfarer's Winter). The dam earned her natural ability prize 1 with 112 points. She has been pennHip certified and OFA - Good. The Sire was from Aux Lake Kennels (Larry Woodward - Breeder - Aux Lake Bristle). Bristle has earned a Natural Ability prize 1 with 112 points and his UT Prize I. Bristle is an AKC American Champion.

About the sire: Bubba is owned by Dennis Wood. He is a beautiful chesnut and gray tkd male with a very strong pedigree boasting nine champions in four generations. Bubba is four and a half years old. He is a steady and patient hunter. Bubba did not test as a puppy but scored a Prize I on his Utility Test. I have been around Bubba have admired his extraordinary disposition. He is another of the Griffons that demonstrate the ability to hunt hard then become a relaxed and enjoyable, and in Bubba's case humorous canine companion. He brings strong champion lines and strong furnishings into this breeding. His other progeny are excellent hunters and have the type of conformation that would do well at show.