Yellow pointing labrador retriever puppy litter Sire: 4XGMPR HRCH SH Jesse Dam:

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Yellow pointing labrador retriever puppy litter Sire: 4XGMPR HRCH SH Jesse Dam:

  Tim Galeazzi

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          Knoxville, Iowa - United States


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Taking deposits on a breeding that took place on June 6th. $1000 male or female. All yellow litter. Sire 4XGMPR SH Kioua Jesse James. He is out of FC/AFC Ebonstar Jamie and the most famous pointing lab female 4X GMPR Sagebrush Sue . He is a handsome light yellow with the classic lab looks.

Jesse has a lot going for him. He marks like he has a laser guidance system on board. He runs blinds like he runs marks, at full speed. He has a V 12 under the hood. Everything he does is with gusto. Whether it is upland, marks or just running drills. Jesse is excellent in the upland field. He has been quite successful at running events in the AKC, APLA, HRC and NAHRA. He is one of the birdiest dogs we have seen. He is also one of the most affectionate dogs we have been around. Jesse has a way with the ladies. We have never seen anything quite like it. Even females that have little tolerance for males ask him out for dates. He is the Man. Dam is Certified Pointer Poudreriver Star. Her sire is 4XGMPR QAA MH Otter and dam 4XGMPR SH Snake river Delta. Star is a full sister to GMPR SH Poudreriver Sally. Star is a wonderful looking dark yellow female with the classic lab look. She loves to retrieve ducks and is a hard charger in the upland filed. She has a very strong natural point.

This breeding was planned over 3 years ago. The best pointing lab puppy Iowa Pointing labs has had so far had this identical bloodline. His name was Drake and he could have past his CP at 6 months of age with no training. He was the most talented young pointing lab we have ever had in our kennel. His point was intense and would hold it forever. He did ever thing full bore and was very handsome also. Drake past away in an accident at 10 months. Because of this we purchased two female puppies out of 4XGMPR Otter x 4XGMPR Delta so we could eventually breed them to 4XGMPR Jesse James to get another Drake. This is a rare breeding as we know what we will get. Phenomenal pointing lab puppies.