vom Birkenhain Deutsch Drathar

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vom Birkenhain Deutsch Drathar

  Andrei Nicolau

  NY-United States


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Deutsch Drathar
No champions in this breed. VDD (Verein Deutsch Drahthaar) has been breading outstanding versatile hunting dogs for over 100 years, for hunters not competition. Drahthaars are the most used hunting dog in Germany and are represented on all continents. In the US the club has about 1000 members. Dogs are approved for breeding only after passing strict and demanding hunting tests in field, forest and water and have the OK for HD after being X rayed, as well as good results in coat and comformation. They point (fur and feather), track (including bloodtracking) and retrieve from land and water.
Pups from this litter will be (FCI) registered in the VDD, pure breed DEUTSCH DRAHTHAARS with names starting with the letter (C) and followed by the kennel name vom Birkenhain .
Pups from this litter are $1000 ($200 deposit required to hold pick)
Test results of the sire and dam can be seen on the website.

All pups from this litter will be tattooed with their registration number at inspection time (~ 7 weeks) before leaving the kennel.
For more information please contact: Andrei Nicolau 718-458-2552 .